Counting syllables, not days.

I appreciate it’s not the most complicated idea: a three-line poem, with each line containing five syllables, seven, then five but still, I write one each morning because it requires a modicum of effort, thought and creativity, and gives me a little fist pump sense of achievement each morning when I condense my thoughts into this structure.

Haiku’s are simple, comically simple in fact as Ricky, the adorable protagonist, in the Hunt for the Wilder People proves, he obsessively writes haikus including the poignant ‘Maggots’.

You don’t need an MA in Poetry to get the concept of haiku but Michelle in Derry Girls didn’t get it when she penned, ‘Boys’. Claiming to be a master of the haiku may not win you any poetry plaudits but some are here are some of mine anyway.


Guilt erodes the soul

Spiritual structure helps

Gives a strong ballast


Crab preparation

A Christmas first. Caught at sea

Now, in my belly


Shame shrinks the present

There is no past or future

This helps and soothes me


A missing seagull

Lost in Manchester squawking

Cannot see the sea


Counting syllables

Rules for the unruly mind

Maths for the wordsmith


Digital rescue

Saves me from reality

Can’t log off from life


In a malaise maze

Clarity will light the way

Dreams of direction


Life under lockdown

Urban audio turned low

Surreal silence


A sprinkle of fun

A small dash of devilry

Eat it noisily

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