Corona Class ,Lesson #1

Attitude is all

The fact that my life hasn’t changed much since social distancing says a lot about my life before, I wasn’t working full-time so I was in the house a lot, relying on benefits so I could pay rent and more darkly, feeling trapped with a bullying housemate because I had nowhere else to go.

I moved thankfully, just before lockdown and despite a pandemic not being the ideal scenario upon which to move into a new house it made me realise how important a happy housing situation is for your mental health, along with a routine and a kinder and fairer attitude towards yourself and others, which avoids feelings of guilt and fear that are counterproductive to progress.

The fact that my lifestyle hasn’t changed much since Covid 19 has made me realise that my life was on pause. But just like pausing live TV, the action continues without you and you can’t pause life, it continues in the background whether you like it or not and before you know it, it’s over.

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